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Reunión de negocios
We promote an organizational philosophy focused on the value of the human being
Organizational culture
Hello Solticom promotes an organizational culture and philosophy oriented and based on the value of the human person, on integrity conduct and on the productivity-profitability of its collaborators.
Equipo de similing
Principles of our organizational culture
  • Simple administration according to modern times and at the same time demanding based on the fulfillment of the established goals.
  • Culture of trust, honesty, respect and credibility in the value and importance of each person as a unique and unrepeatable being.
  • Philosophy among HELLO collaborators of living in the daily unemployment of their functions, in interpersonal relationships and responsibilities of each position.
  • Humanistic participative leadership style with a high level of humanity, people-oriented through the potential of human abilities and attitudes.
  • Collaborative and generous culture among the companies of the group, in order to share the best practices that can benefit each and every one of them.
  • Philosophy with a sense of institutionality, based on full compliance by employees with the policies that govern the group.
  • Culture based on family values and Mexican traditions.
  • Philosophy of labor inclusion for people in vulnerable situations.
Organizational values
To be agents of change and unity through full compliance with the group's policies and the experience of the organizational culture.
Positive attitude and spirit of service
Always look for how things do happen, actions aimed at expressing a willingness to fully collaborate and cooperate with co-workers.
Believe and trust in the value of the human being
Believing in the value and importance of the person as a source of knowledge, skills, competencies and talents for the achievement of organizational objectives.
Passion for the work
Live the human virtues of commitment, generosity and personal satisfaction.
Ability to recognize errors, limitations and successes appropriately
Fully satisfied customers
Being agents of solutions to their problems and concerns, following up and delivering more than promised, generating trust in customers.
Kindness and human treatment
Create healthy and constructive interpersonal relationships, through the virtues of friendly treatment, courtesy, listening skills and permanent dialogue to seek consensus.
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